Visitor's guide

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is a huge spa resort divided into two main areas. The Yunessun area is an amusement park with water slides and pools that guests enjoy in their swimwear. The Mori no Yu area offers traditional Japanese hot spring baths – including an open-air bath, cypress bath and reserved baths – with gorgeous views of the Hakone mountains. Restaurants, massage salons, lounges and other facilities are also available to guests. Since use varies by area, please learn details in advance to fully enjoy your visit.

How to enjoy onsen

Kindly observe the following rules in the Mori no Yu area.

  • Please wash your body before entering the bath

  • Please dry your body before entering the dressing room

  • Please do not bring any drinks or foods

  • Tattoos must be covered

  • Please do not speak in a loud voice

  • Please donot bring towels into baths

  • Please do not bring any mobile phones or cameras

  • Please do not wear a swimsuit in the Morino Yu area

Entrance and use

  • 1

    Check in

    Please check in at the front desk, whether or not you have admission tickets or coupons, and receive a wristband with locker key before entering the facilities.

  • 2

    Use the wristband

    The wristband does more than just hold your locker key. Its barcode also lets you make purchases at restaurants and vending machines in the facilities for later payment at the front desk when you leave.

  • 3

    Rent towels and swimwear

    Don’t worry if you forget to bring swimwear or towels. You can rent them at Shop & Rental ukiuki near the main entrance. Rental fees and other details are provided below.

  • 4

    Change your clothes

    A dressing room is provided for changing your clothes. Use the locker that matches the number on your wristband.

Have fun in each area!

Leaving the facilities

  • 1

    Visit the front desk

    Visit the front desk before leaving the facilities to return the wristband, settle unpaid bills and receive exit cards (one per guest).

  • 2


    Insert the exit card(s) you received at the front desk into the exit gate slot and leave through the gate.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Facility rules

To fully enjoy your stay in safety and comfort, please observe the following rules.

Yunessun area

  • ・Guests are required to wear swimwear in this area. So be sure to bring swimwear, towels, a change of clothes, etc. Or rent/purchase them in our shop or other designated areas. (Rates are listed below.)
  • ・Customers with tattoos may enter this area if their tattoos are fully covered by swimwear or a rash guard.
  • ・Some facilities have minimum height rules. (Rodeo Mountain water slide minimum height: 110cm)
  • ・Inner tubes must be 100cm or smaller in diameter. Snorkels, swim fins, water pistols and small balls (baseballs, etc.) are not allowed.
  • ・Please do not enter the spas and pools in regular clothes.
  • ・Children still in diapers may use the pools, etc. when wearing a swim diaper (available at our store) under swimwear.

Mori no Yu area

  • ・These Japanese hot spring facilities cannot be used while wearing swimwear or regular clothes.
  • ・Please observe the same bathing etiquette as at other hot spring baths in Japan.
  • ・Do not enter baths with a bath towel or clothes on, and do not soak towels in baths.
  • ・We recommend bringing your own bath towels and face towels. Towels can also be rented. (See details below.)

Throughout Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

  • ・Persons who are intoxicated or gang-related are not allowed to enter the facilities.
  • ・Please refrain from bringing food and drinks to Hakone Kowakien Yunessun. (Baby food and allergen-free foods may be allowed in some cases. Please inform our staff.)
  • ・Children 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • ・Customers with high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. should consult a doctor before entering hot springs and use the facilities in ways that minimize health risks.

For healthy bathing

  • ・We recommend that you avoid bathing immediately before and after meals.
  • ・To avoid dehydration, please drink a glass or so of water before bathing.

Rental information

Operation hours will change from June 10, 2019.

Clothes and towels

Place: rental corner near main entrance
Charges (tax included):
¥100 / bath towel
¥50 / face towel
¥200 / loungewear

Swimwear and swim goods

Place: ukiuki (4F near Yunessun area entrance)
Hours: 10am–5:30pm on weekdays, 9am–6:30pm on weekends and holidays*
Swimwear rental (tax included):
¥670 / man (M to 7L sizes)
¥1,100 / woman (S to 6L sizes)
¥670 / child
¥770 / baby

Goods available for purchase only
Swim diapers: ¥550 for 3 pairs (m/L sizes)
Other goods such as inner tubes and waterproof smartphone cases are also available.

*Holidays including summer (July 23 to August 31, 2020) and New Year’s (December 28 to January 3, 2021). Please contact us for details on later dates.