Spas & baths


  • Covered tattoos OK


Enjoy the beauty of nature while playing outdoors in this fun area. The popular warm water slides keep you comfortable year round and the outdoor hot spring, perched 600m above sea level, provides a magnificent view of Sagami Bay on clear days.

  • Covered tattoos OK
  • Rodeo Mountain water slides

    Experience the thrill of river rapids on exciting water slides that are often featured in Japanese TV shows and magazines. Warm water keeps you cozy even in cold winter months, and you can admire a great vista of Hakone from the top. Try all three slides to compare their turns! (Minimum guest height: 110 cm)

  • Outdoor hot spring
    with scenic view

    Relax surrounded by nature in our 40-meter hot spring bath while soaking up the beautiful sight of Hakone’s mountains and Sagami Bay when the weather is clear.
    It is closed during winter because of freezing.

  • BOXAPPY's Jungle Gym

    Perfect for kids, this fun-filled pool area lets everyone in the family energetically play together outdoors.

  • Cave baths

    Explore the mysterious hot spring caves beneath Rodeo Mountain and discover the stunning aquariums.

  • Dragon’s waterfall

    Stand beneath the waterfall and feel it splash your body. Or play in its warm pool while relishing Hakone’s natural scenery.


Our large domed area offers all-weather enjoyment including swimming in a large pool with Mediterranean Sea theme and luxuriating in baths containing wine, coffee or Japanese sake for a unique and entertaining experience.

  • Covered tattoos OK
  • The Flowing Pool

    The flowing pool flows at a speed of about 2 km/h and runs around 80 m in about 3 minutes. Enjoy the natural flow of Hakone Leave it up to us and enjoy yourself. There is also a 1m high air slider in the kids pool with a depth of 30cm.
    A watching space is also available, so everyone in the family can use it with peace of mind.

  • Aegean Sea of Gods

    Swim and play in our large sea themed pool.

  • Wine bath

    Discover the joy of our vividly colorful and richly fragrant hot spring containing wine, a luxury adored by Cleopatra and Queen Mary for its skin rejuvenating qualities. We hold on irregular event pouring wine in a bathtub. No drinking, please.

  • Coffee bath

    The first of its kind in Japan, this hot spring bath contains nel dripped coarse coffee brewed at low temperatures from hot spring water. The healing aroma is said to reduce fatigue and beautify skin. We hold an irregular event pouring coffee in a bathtub. No drinking, please.

  • Dr. Fish foot bath

    Let tropical fish nibble away rough skin from your feet! It feels so good you may never want to leave.

    ¥300/person for an experience that lasts a few minutes. One time per person. Minimum age is 3.
    10:30am-11:30am, 2:30pm-4pm on weekdays
    10am-noon, 1pm-3pm, 3:30pm-5:30pm on weekends and holidays

  • BOXAPPY's Splish-Splash pool

    Young kids love playing in this shallow pool with squirt fountains and our unique BOXAPPY (BOX cat is hAPPY) character (water depth: 30cm).

Green tea bath
The vivid green hot spring water with soothing tea fragrance beautifies skin and improves blood circulation. No drinking, please.
Japanese sake bath
Genuine Japanese sake drips down from a big barrel, but it’s not for drinking! It fills the air with a comforting aroma and enters the hot spring to warm you deep inside.
Green terrace
This sunny terrace with warm wooden decks features three baths and a Jacuzzi for your bathing pleasure. Check our Events page to see when our next unique bathing experience takes place there.
Finnish sauna
For a change of pace, spend some time sweating in our dry wooden sauna with beautiful window view. Hot springs are even more refreshing after this experience.

Mori no Yu area

  • No tattoos allowed

Escape the bustling city and unwind in our outdoor garden with hot spring baths and picturesque Hakone mountain panorama. Enjoy private baths, a sauna and various types of traditional Japanese hot spring baths including one you can lie down in and another crafted from aromatic cypress (female area only).

  • No tattoos allowed
  • Open-air baths

    Indulge in the open atmosphere and mountain scenery of our outdoor hot spring baths. Male and female areas include a Jacuzzi, shallow bath for lying down and roofed rest area. The view of the Hakone mountains is fantastic and at night the area is enchantingly illuminated. Please remove the line break.
    Other features include a waterfall shoulder massage in the men’s area and a collagen bath in the female area.

  • Cypress bath (female area only)

    Savor the refreshing fragrance of a tub and entire room lavishly crafted from aromatic cypress as you pamper yourself and appreciate the scenic vista.
    *Please don’t use towels in baths.

  • Pottery bath

    Thoroughly warm your body while admiring the mountains in this rustic outdoor hot spring tub made of traditional Japanese Shigaraki stoneware pottery.

  • Indoor bath

    Slow down and chat with friends in any weather while basking in our indoor hot spring. The big window with clear view of surrounding mountains creates a sense of oneness with nature.

  • Reserved private room with baths

    Relish quality time alone with your family or friends in one of our private hot spring baths, fully indoors or partly outdoors depending on your preference. Guests with tattoos are welcome as well.

  • Saunas

    An invigorating dry sauna made of richly aromatic cypress invokes healthy sweating in the men’s area. Female guests can enjoy a mist sauna that comfortably moisturizes skin and hair.

  • Lie down bath

    Lie down in the shallow water of this outdoor hot spring for the ultimate in relaxation. At night, starry sky views further enhance your pleasure.